Clients, Don’t Be A “Vague Blogger”

Clients, Don’t Be A “Vague Blogger”

I’m sure you have heard of the term “vague blogging.” You know, where someone writes about something but doesn’t really reveal what’s going on, making the user question and of course come back for more. This phenomenon is especially present on social media platforms.


While this can be a nice tactic to reveal something exciting such as a new product initiative or a fun upcoming event, most of the time people “vague blog” when they want attention or something is on their mind.

Fine, I get it. You have something going on and you don’t want to reveal it to the entire internet (then why mention it at all?), but when it comes to clients, being a “vague blogger” is the worst.

Imagine this scenario: You are doing work for someone and they aren’t completely satisfied with what you are doing but they don’t want to outright tell you that they want/need changes to your work. Instead, they go in a roundabout way to get you to come to the conclusion that something is up, rather than being up front and direct with you from the start. No bueno.

I’ve seen this similar situation time and time again. Client wants something, but acts “vague” in the hopes that the person on the receiving end will figure out what they are asking for and immediately resolve the issue.

I’m lucky enough to currently work with people that are direct and tell me how it is (both good and bad), but if you find yourself with a “vague blogging” client, I recommend doing one of the following:

  1. Set expectations up front and ask that they be direct with you for all requests/questions/etc.
  2. Ask questions to gather more info as needed when they start down the “vague blogging” path.
  3. Avoid working with these types of clients all together.

Of course #3 is easier said than done. But if you find yourself with a “vague blogging” client and are spinning your wheels, it might be time to re-evaluate your partnership.

Have you worked with this type of client in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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